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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
2:03 pm
Lincoln's surgery is 22 days away. We have a second testosterone treatment next Tuesday then the operation on 2/11.

I truly believe that the build up and anticapation of significant events are always more difficult to endure than the event itself. I am so ready for him to get through this part of his journey and start on phase III.

Finally went through all the boxes in the garage. We've gotten rid of a TON of stuff. We converted about 30 boxes of stuff into a pile of garbage, about 8 boxes of Garage sale stuff, and about 6 big totes of keepers. By the time we throw away the garbage and then have the garage sale we will have half the garage sitting as an open area.

Two things that opened up the most space were the photos we've wound up with from my family on both my mom & dad's side. We basically put the photos into sheet protectors and trashed all the frames, that got rid of a couple boxes by itself. Also went through all of the DVD's in the house - I had about 430 in total - and picked out about 125 or so that I was OK with getting rid of. Book collections were another big space item. I have about 50 text from Grad school that I should have traded in after I graduated, and Julie had 5 boxes dedicated to just the Harvard Classics collection (wonder what they're worth). Clothes that no one would wear were a few boxes worth, and then the baby stuff we were given and a smattering of collectibles rounded out the deal. Throw in a busted entertainment center converted to shelving and a broken lawn mower and you've got yourself a Garage you can't park in.
Friday, January 9th, 2009
9:22 am
Firmed up our travel plans.

Headed back to Baltimore on Feb 8th for Lincoln's second surgery.

Upgraded our insurance since last year so this trip should cost us about $2,500 less than our first go round.

I also signed up for electronic W-2's and already put all of our receipts together to itemize. I'm hoping that we get the paperwork in teh next three weeks so that I can overnight our returns & maybe have them deposited before
in mid February
Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
10:14 am
First new years post
Going to throw a couple of short sentences w/ little to no structure for random updates...

Job's going well, opportunity for advancement on the horizon

George RR Martin responded to one of my posts & made my day

Go Panthers, since when do the cardinals play defense?

My daughter monkey stomped me in the Giblets, worst way in the world to be woken up

Scheduled surgery #2 for Lincoln on Feb 10th. Back to the RMH for a couple weeks in Baltimore

Re-reading the Harry Potter series, I am always impressed by people who can express themselves without using 'impressive' words and still paint such a terrific picture. Not the worlds best author but she definitely keeps my attention and enjoyment level on the forefront, I think that if her goal was to capture the minds of the teens all over the world she succeeded brilliantly.

I am going to stop working one day this week and just do some organizing around the office, I probably have 2,000+ loose papers stacked on my desk (not blowing that # out of proportion).

Ditto that my garage this weekend.

Got a funny email from a buddy today: Shortest fairy tale ever -
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?'

The girl said, 'NO!'

And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted.


I'm sad that I called my brother and said "Do you want a job?" I know a guy who told me - 'if you know someone who wants a job, have them call me and I'll hire them'" It would pay something close to 750 a week and although I haven't talked to my brother in a week I know he's going to do nothing and not take the job which is very disappointing.

Happy New Year everyone, resolution is 1/2 way home already - put the mechanics in place to put our debt behind us by 2011. Now it's just getting past the medical bills and crossing my fingers that the advancement opportunity also comes with about a $10K increase.
Friday, December 19th, 2008
4:19 pm
Holiday Cheer
I am truly enjoying getting to relive the experiences that have become commonplace from my perspective but that my kids are just now starting to appreciate. Grace just turned 2 so I'm thinking that next year will be when all the significant holidays start to have any importance for her.

Lincoln will get into the holidays sooner because he'll have a devious little girl to show him how cool things are when there's free new toys involved.

The rents-in-law put a huge dent in my "Done Shopping" status. They just let me in on the news today that our joint gift for Julie bird isn't going to be happening so I have to sneak a gift for the wife in the next 3 days.

Time to write down my co-worker gifts and get out of dodge.

Have an excellent holiday all.
Monday, September 8th, 2008
4:08 pm
I guess I haven't posted in a long time.

I was checking to see if Ryan had said anything, haven't heard from him in a while.

Things are alright around here. Cash flow challenges dealing w/ Lincoln's medical bills. On the whole everything is going alright, just having to deal with a bad housing market is a challenge. I think we are about to lowball the price just to sell and get on with life. I can not wait to sell our house, it's been about 7 months now that we've been on the market.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
9:36 am
I'm actually having a debate with myself right now about telling the bosses that I'm sick and going home. I am not feeling 100% but it's more that I want to get out of the work clothes and into some shorts. I'll still work from the house but I want to leave the office right now in a bad way.
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
12:50 pm
Much needed update
Back at home, back at work.

I'm really not 100% mentally ready to be back into the office and my heart is still at home. I'm having a tough time with it feeling like Julie is dealing with more challenges than I am since she has an 18 mth old and a 6 wk old to juggle.

Lincoln is doing very well, he's had a few hurdles since we got back home and I think they are on the downhill stretch now. Most of the tough stuff we are dealing with is normal baby crap, the good thing is that we've not had any setbacks related to his exstrophy.

Having the house on the market is making it a little tough since we are trying to keep the house in show shape so that in 15 minutes time we could have everyone packed up and out of the way for a showing. We requested an hour lead time to clear out if needed but it's still a pain in the tuchus keeping the house super clean ALL THE TIME with two kids stuff laying out. So far though I'm very happy with how we've done.

I think the next big task for me is to clean & clear out the garage of the stuff we aren't really gonna use or keep anymore. House proper looks terrific but I'd like to go ahead and remove some things getting ready for the move. I just hope that move comes in the next 3 or 4 months.
Thursday, April 17th, 2008
11:07 am
Lincoln is doing well. He's about 9 1/2 days old now. Since the surgery he's gone from the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) to the IMC (Intermediate care unit) which is a good progression.
He has handled the whole thing extremely well, his vitals have been solid the whole time and he's only had one or two rough patches after the surgery.

He's been taken off of oxygen

His NG tube (naso-gastric?) it's a feeding tube from the nostril down to the stomach is out and he is feeding on mother's milk and able to handle it wel

His epidural has been removed to have a PCA instead (I don't know the whole thing but it's a pain control moderator that keeps him sedated.

He's doing well and I'm hopeful that his stay will be shortened by the amount of progress he's had. We are pretty run down out here. I think everyone has handled this really well, but we are ready to go home. It is exhausting being here. Julie has been awesome throughout and I think this has made us a little closer, being newlyweds it's not like we weren't already up each others #@$ all the time anyway :)

Grace is doing really well, she has a lot of stimulation here with the playrooms in the RMH, it's exciting to see her play & learn as we are here. I think she will start making sense with all the babbling she's doing, I'm ready to understand what she's saying :)

Hope everyone is doing well.
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
4:51 pm
So we're still not a family of four yet, but the signs are ripe for a delivery in the near future.

They have a pretty nice facility here and although the rooms are somewhere south of Motel 6 all the communal areas are really nice. The people who work here have their hearts in the right place.

There are currently about 34 families staying here, you kind of see the friendships forming amongst the folks who have children with similar conditions and you also see some regional friendships forming. Julie & I have met two families that we've gotten pretty comfortable with. One is a really nice lady from South Carolina and her 13 year old son who is a little person here to have his bones repositioned. They've been here for almost 7 months now going through rehab and he's expected to be going home in 3-5 weeks. The other family is from California and their son is an exstrophy patient as well, he's almost 2 now and they are here for what I'll call a "cleaning and reconstructive surgery".

I'm not sure how long they will be here but with the steady flow of families in & out it's easy to meet people. It's actually too easy to meet people because there aren't many places (any really) outside of your room to go and be alone. It makes working during the day pretty tough, especially when you don't want to be working in the first place.

Julie is showing a lot of the signs of getting ready to go into labor, I'm thinking that we'll be headed to the hospital in about 5 days but I hope I'm wrong and it's not for another 8 or 9 days. Once the baby is born the routine will get put on it's ear and I'll update what that's like after it's been going on for a bit.
Sunday, March 9th, 2008
3:54 pm
life goes on
So, we've been doing little bits & pieces of normal stuff as the days go by. It's odd to get up in the morning and crawl out of the bed next to your wife instead of making sure you don't pull all the covers with you when you slip out of bed to get ready for work.

I'm not saying I don't like having the ability to wear pajama bottoms to 'work'. It will be much tougher once the baby is born and we're splitting time between the hospital and the RMH with one of us watching grace while the other goes to the hospital. I'm not sure how much of that we can manage.

I really need to get back to work and I know this was a crap update with nothing interesting but I wanted to take a minute to stop staring at spreadsheets and relax.

Oh, went to the Baltimore Aquarium and had lunch at the Hard Rock. It is official that Hard Rock Cafe's are overrated.
Friday, March 7th, 2008
10:30 am
Home Sweet...Ronald McDonald House

We are in Baltimore, staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Settled in a bit and picked up groceries & sundries yesterday. Settling in to wait for the baby is a little trying. It's a different atmosphere here were you can feel peoples mixed emotions about wanting privacy & company at the same time. There are roughly 60 people here, the range of injuries & reasons for the families is dramatic, and the largest contrast to a "normal" day at home is that here the families are mostly in house for a child that's suffered something fierce and they have a lot of attitude to show for it. I don't really have a good update right now, I'll try to do something less dreary next time.

To look at the silver lining though, it is an amazing thing that there are places like this all over the country.
Monday, February 25th, 2008
8:49 am
getting ready

So the carpet is replaced.
House is painted
Everything is tidy (& somewhat decorative)
Pictures are taken
We are on the market.

The one silver lining to what we have going on is that we will be out of the house for a couple of months and hopefully it will sell while we are in Baltimore.

Family Dollar is absolutely making this as easy as possible from the work side. I am going to start out up there still earning a paycheck, between continuing to provide data and having vacation time I think I'll maintain all of my bills while we are there.

The Tax returns are done and some of them have already come in, so the safety net is starting to replenish itself for what we have coming. Now all that's left is to work on getting comfortable with being so tightly packed with one another of the coming months.
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
1:33 pm
Official bad news
Well, Julie & I have been aware of this for a few months now, but Monday we got the official word. Our son, Lincoln, is due on April 1st. He's been diagnosed with Bladder Exstrophy and we will be going to Baltimore in a few weeks and planning to stay up there for about 3 months while he undergoes surgeries & recovers from them. We'll be treating him at Johns Hopkins, just got back from there last night after a ridiculously tough couple of days driving & going to Dr's appointments.

Family Dollar is being pretty stellar about the whole thing and I'm going to be able to work remotely and use my vacation time throughout. Between that & the tax returns we may come out of all this with just a black eye or two instead of getting the financial kneecap.

Well, not really up for a more in depth explanation or update. But it is official now so I figured it was time to start telling people.
Thursday, January 31st, 2008
9:14 am

Work is going pretty well, I'm finding that as I exceed expectations a bit the workload starts piling up because of the ad hoc stuff that comes my way.

Julie is doing well, working on little chore stuff at the house getting ready to list. Being preggers and keeping up with a 14 month old is exhausting, but she is doing a bang up job handling it all. Hard to believe that we've been together for 2+ years and have already done the amount of things we've done. Most relationships take longer to get married and have kids (not necessarily in that order).

I'm doing fine, starting to hate how I always put things in order in my head and tell myself "once this and this are done it will be calmer". It can be such a dumb way to look at things sometimes. Right now I'm telling myself, sell the house and move into the new place and it will calm down. We are downsizing and once we get past having a house in show shape and looking for a new place, on top of having our second child and getting through the challenges there... Work is the only stabilizing piece of the pie at the moment. Well, odds are that once we sell, move, settle in, and have the baby it will be a whole new set of "once this and this are done...."

Alright, having posted in a while and this is enough to get my head right. Talk to you all later on. Hope everyone is doing good.
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
9:48 am
general stuff
Grace is damn near running now. It's very cool to see her figuring things out like how to turn her toys on/off. How to open the phone and turn it on/off. How to headbutt (ouch)

We found out that we are having a boy! Due date is April 1st, we are really excited and a little bit nervous. This time around we have not had the pressing rush to get all the things we were digging after with Grace. The 2nd Crib and a carseat are the only big furniture pieces to worry about and the clothes are 2nd on that list.

We are all but done with improvements to the house, once we replace the carpet we will be ready to list it (planning for late January). I am very much worried about selling the house in time to be out and ready for the new baby in a new home BEFORE it's born. If we are still trying to sell after the baby is here it will be hell for upkeep.

Those are the big ticket items right now. Everything else is just paying bills and staying happy.

Julie is doing well, her asthma is a little bit rougher and the pregnancy is harder this time around. It's not the actual pregnancy that's making it harder but the fact that she is exhausted from chasing Grace around and that she doesn't get to stay off her feet as much as last time. With the first pregnancy I was able to help her take it easy and this time around Grace is not letting that happen.

Hope everyong is doing well, sorry for my buckeye buddies and their L. I was pulling for ya.
Friday, December 28th, 2007
2:43 pm
Got to enjoy a good holiday, looking forward to taking a day for New Years.

House is under control, planning to list it mid/late January. Not sure how to handle the realtor situation this time, guess I'll cross that bridge in a few weeks.

Baby is fine, Julie is fine, baby in Julie is fine. Got a ton of work to do over the next few weeks, hopefully there will be some decent time put in over the next 10 days and I'll be able to act upon them.

World of Warcraft is such a fun game, to bad you can't play at work, or get paid to play it.
Monday, December 24th, 2007
11:03 am
Merry F*&$ing Christmas!
Monday, December 10th, 2007
1:50 pm
#1) There should be a rule that if you guarantee a victory for your team and it doesn't happen, then the front office can fine you up to 5% of your salary. Why give the other team easy fodder to motivate themselves?

#2) There should be a rule that if the fooking ref of a title fight is more involved in the outcome than the cutman, than the boxer who got jobbed is allowed to punch that mutha fucca right in the face. Hatton-Mayweather was such a guided fight I actually got pissed off about the constant interuptions. I actually question if the ref had alterior motivations.

#3) There should be a rule if you cause an accident but are not involved in the accident that driving off entitles you to being shot at and clubbed to death.
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
1:55 pm
I think I had a moment last week were I let someone have an earful and they probably only deserved a 3/4 earful. Guess I'll go up to his office next week and make nice. Well, kind of make nice I don't really feel bad about giving him a rash of it since he asked for it by being an idiot. See that sincerity?

On a different note, planning to take the neighbors to Maggiano's as a thank you for taking care of the baby thing :)
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
10:18 am
For the geeks like me.

Ding 70 last night, followed by a flying mount and some PvP.

Picked up Assassin's Creed for my brother on the PS3, looks amazing.

Mass Effect NEXT WEEK!

For the normal folks like me.

If my damn siding stays off the side of my house another week I'm going to split some heads. It's been almost 3 months! I've missed my pre x-mas listing window and will have to wait to put my house up until late January. Not a big deal except that this means I'm going to have to hope the house sells and most likely be in flux when Julie goes into LABOR for our second.
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